Little Marco, Donnie ‘Small Hands’, and Lyin’ Ted in the 2016 Republican Primaries

The Mashup

Little Marco, Lyin' Ted, Donald Trump
An alternative take on the Republican Primary debates through the lens of each candidate’s nicknames

The Original

Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz
What the original photo from the Washington Post looked like.

The Reflection

Context: The 2016 Republican Primaries

The original image of Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz was taken during the final 2016 Republican Primary debate. By this point in the campaign, the Republican candidates and electorate had been ensnared by Donald Trump’s name-calling game.

Trump frequently referred to Marco Rubio as “Little Marco” and Ted Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted.” Throughout the campaign, many, including Rubio, joked about Trump’s orange skin color. Some even asked why Donald Trump’s skin was so orange.

My Alterations

For my first change, I made Marco Rubio appear much smaller in comparison to the other two. In addition to cutting out a copy of Rubio, this alteration required extensive use of the clone stamp to recreate the background previously covered up by Rubio’s body.

After finishing “Little Marco,” I moved onto Trump. I wanted make Trump stand out because he’s in the center of the image. As such, I not only shrunk his hands, which also required the clone stamp to recreate his sleeves and the background, but also superimposed an orange onto his head.

Finally, I drew on the common reference to Pinocchio’s elongated nose as representing a liar, to depict “Lyin’ Ted.” To do this I copied his nose, stretched it, and blended the colors to make a softer transition from his nose to his face.

A New Interpretation

These new alterations represented the 2016 Primary Election cycle through the impressions the electorate may have had of the candidates based on the demeaning nicknames and descriptions of each. The new satirical portrayal of the candidates also demonstrates how many people thought the campaign bordered on being absurd.

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