About Me

My name is Luke Scorziell. I grew up in the San Bernardino Mountains in a small town called Lake Arrowhead. During my freshman year of high school, I started a blog called The Edge of Ideas where I wrote articles highlighting research on how to live a better life. After publishing more than 40 articles, I became interested in podcasting as a form of communication.

Thus, in January 2017, a few months after the 2016 Election, I launched my podcast: Bills with Luke ScorziellMy goal was to present government policy in an objective light by analyzing research on both sides of the topic. After about six months of solo-podcasts, I decided to invite guests onto Bills to discuss their areas of expertise and interest.

I’ve now published over 40 episodes, including more than 20 interviews, on a variety of topics: the US Tax Code, starting middle school and high school later, the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, Brexit, and more.

At USC, I hope to expand my podcast and develop my digital skills. Ultimately, my goal is to bring together voices from all sides of the political spectrum to ease the partisan tensions that are rampant throughout the United States.

My News

I primarily consume the news through podcasts. I listen interview-based podcasts, political pundits, in-depth news shows, and more. Some of my favorite podcasts include The Daily with Michael Barbaro, The Ben Shapiro ShowEmbedded, State of the Union with Jake Tapper, Pod Save America, and The Rubin Report with Dave Rubin. Podcasts provide a long-form way for important stories to be told. They force the host and interviewees to elaborate on their views in much greater depth than television allows.

I also read several print and online newspapers. Some of my most frequent include The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Vox, The Washington Postand The Telegraph. I also enjoy reading and watching Lowell Bergman‘s work for FRONTLINE and 60 Minutes. His willingness to immerse his audience in all aspects of a story is something I aspire to do in my own career.